Project 4-2-1

Project 4-2-1 is a new curriculum created to guide the development and progression of activities for SHPE Jr. Chapters.  It will also increase partnership between SHPE Jr., Student, and Professional Chapters.

Project 4-2-1 is a simple yet efficient way to channel the activities for every SHPE Jr. Chapter each academic year, dividing them into three different outreach requirements:


4 Hands-On STEM Activities

The goal is for each Jr. Chapter to carry out at least four events based on hands-on activities per one of the following four categories:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Mathematics

Each event must focus on one of the four categories to qualify. By separating the events under these four, Jr. members and participants are provided with a more comprehensive presentation and understanding of the possible majors/topics related to each category.

Noche de Ciencias events qualify as a Hands-On STEM Activity. Visit the Noche de Ciencias webpage for more information.

2 MentorSHPE Activities

The power of mentorship is core to SHPE’s success in increasing students’ exposure, self-identity, and self-efficacy in STEM. SHPE Jr. Chapters need to invest time in mentoring and development of skills that include practice ACT/SAT, career path development, guidance in how to apply for college, how to find financial aid, scholarships, time management, and more. Creating two or more activities focusing on these subjects will help students develop and envision a clear academic and professional track to embark on.


1 Get Out and STEM!

This outreach event is to be the largest event of the semester for each SHPE Jr. Chapter. It could include a visit to a college campus, a trip to a science museum, an exposition of projects, or a conference.  The main goal of this event is to maximize STEM exposure for K-12 students and SHPE Jr. members.

Noche de Ciencias events qualify as the outreach event for Project 4-2-1 only if the number of participating students is over 200.


All SHPE Jr., Student, and Professional Chapters that participate and successfully complete the Project 4-2-1 outreach events within the 2017-2018 academic year will receive an esteemed award and recognition at our National Conference!