Noche de Ciencias

Noche de Ciencias events engage and inspire Hispanic youth (and their parents) to pursue STEM degrees and careers and ultimately advance SHPE’s mission and vision. NdC events are delivered by SHPE Professional and University chapters, and can be offered in conjunction with a SHPE Jr. Chapter. Chapters work with a target school to recruit participants, and NdC events may be hosted at the target school or another venue in the community. 

NdC programming is aligned with impactful STEM after-school programs that yield STEM specific benefits, such as pursuing STEM education and career paths later in life. NdC objectives are grouped into three (3) main categories: 1) increasing awareness of STEM fields and careers; 2) increasing participants’ beliefs about their ability to succeed in STEM; and 3) increasing participants’ sense of STEM identity.  These objectives are accomplished through interactive STEM activities, networking opportunities, and sharing information on SHPE, as well as, by helping parents understand STEM opportunities through Bilingual Parent Workshops.

Funding NdC Events

Many SHPE Chapters fund Noche de Ciencias events through chapter resources or through corporate sponsorship. In addition, SHPE National has funding available to support NdC events through two types of grants:

1.     Noche de Ciencias Mini Grants – Mini-grants provide $500 to support a NdC event which is awarded in two disbursements ($250 before the event; and $250 after the event). The event must have at least 50 participants (parents and students are counted as participants; volunteers and educators should NOT be included in the participant count). SHPE National anticipates funding twenty NdC Mini Grants for the 2019-2020 fiscal year. 

  • NdC Mini Grant Application and Reporting Instructions
  • Apply for a NdC Mini Grant Here
  • Click Here to Report on Your NdC Mini Grant Event

2.     Noche de Ciencias Reimbursement Grants – Reimbursement grants provide up to $4000 to support a NdC event. Reimbursement grants cover actual expenses and funds are disbursed after the event when documentation is complete.  Funding levels correspond to the number of participants: 

  • Up to $1000 for NdC events with a minimum of 50 participants
  • Up to $2000 for NdC events with a minimum of 100 participants
  • Up to $3000 for NdC events with a minimum of 150 participants
  • Up to $4000 for NdC events with a minimum of 200 participants

SHPE National anticipates awarding between 40-45 Reimbursement Awards, with the majority being funded at the $1000 level.  

  • NdC Reimbursement Grant Application and Reporting Instructions
  • Apply for a NdC Reimbursement Grant Here

Required Materials

When you host a NdC event, it is critical that you gather Accident & Media Liability Release Waivers, and that you collect information to allow SHPE to study the both local and overall NdC impacts. The following forms are available for this purpose:

Additional Resources

Noche de Ciencias Manual – This manual provides comprehensive guidance on how to deliver a NdC event, including sections on:

  • SHPE & Noche de Ciencias Overview
  • Planning & Organizing a Noche de Ciencias Event
  • Event Outreach: Fundraising & Marketing
  • Noche de Ciencias Event Flow and Logistics

NdC Event Invitation – NdC branding template to use for publicizing your event.

NdC Outreach Letter to Target School – Template letter for communicating with the target schools which explains SHPE, Noche de Ciencias, and specifics of the planned event. 

NdC Invitation – This template can be used either in letter or email form to invite individuals to attend the planned event.  The letter could be adapted for use to invite potential speakers, local professionals, educators, administrators, or community leaders to attend your event. 

NdC Flyer – This flyer describes SHPE’s Noche de Ciencias program and provides key stats that the program seeks to impact. 

NdC Sample Press Release – This template can be adapted and used as a press release or for event messaging for media distribution.  It is also available in a Spanish version

NdC Thank You Letter – This template can be adapted to thank individuals or organizations that contributed to the success of your event. 

Hands-On STEM Activity Ideas – SHPE National is in the process of developing hands-on activity resources to support NdC events. When these resources are available, they will be posted here. There are also many hands-on activity resources available online, including:

Parent Session Resources – SHPE developed and translated two parent workshops that can be adapted for your use. The first workshop is on Understanding College Options and the second workshop is on Financial Aid.  These presentations will help you educate parents about college access, funding, STEM career pathways and the fundamentals of STEM. The Noche de Ciencias Manual provides information on how to update the Financial Aid presentation with information about universities and colleges in your area. 

  • Understanding College Options – English
  • Understanding College Options – Spanish
  • Financial Aid – English
  • Financial Aid – Spanish