What is MentorSHPE?

MentorSHPE provides different methods and environments for SHPE member mentees and mentors to complete MentorSHPE pairing cycles. A MentorSHPE cycle is the successful completion of a MentorSHPE program via online through MentorNet, in person at a SHPE National MentorSHPE event, via Skype, or through any other MentorSHPE platforms. By participating in MentorSHPE, you develop professional relationships that address the need for a high performance cadre of adaptable leaders. You will learn to inspire, motivate, and guide others to produce tangible results. Additionally, by participating in MentorSHPE, you will be elevating your commitment to your SHPE Familia and the idea that we lift each other up as we climb!


MentorSHPE Online via MentorNet

Connect with a mentor/mentee online now!

MentorSHPE’s online network platform is MentorNet; it allows for one-on-one mentoring open to those in the STEM field. You can customize your search and make your connections last without geographical boundaries!


We want to hear from you!

Already engaged in MentorSHPE through MentorNet, your local chapter, your region, or another mentoring environment? Tell us about it and enter in a chance to win two $50 Amazon gift cards (one for the mentor and one for the mentee) and be highlighted in our Social Media Platforms!