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SHPE latinXfactor™: Sharpen Your Professional Edge is a series of carefully curated webinars focused on early career readiness and professional development.  These workshops are designed to help participants make the delicate transition from being a student in STEM to successfully navigating the unwritten rules of the corporate, government or academic world.

Participants will:

  • Gain a competitive edge in the workforce
  • Increase skills for transitioning into the corporate world
  • Become a more qualified candidate for industry partners
  • Strengthen their professional presence in person and online
  • Be well prepared for interviews during the National Convention

This program helps identify that special something—that X-factor—and shows how to use it to excel as a student, a professional, and leader. Our subject matter experts cover topics ranging from how to ace an interview to navigating the impact of cultural norms on communication and how to become an innovative thinker.

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Past latinXfactor™ webinars:


The monthly webinars are offered at no cost and are an hour long. Chapter watch parties are encouraged to allow for thoughtful discussion and reflection. Although, the format is lecture-based, there is always time for questions and answers. Mark your calendar now for 8pm ET/5pm PT on the last Wednesday of every month as latinXfactor™ continues to offer expert advice on relevant topics.


How to Be An Effective Team Player

Teamwork is a part of everyday life. Whether at home, school, community, or at work, we are expected to be a functional part of a performing team. Find ways to be a stronger team player to add value to your organization and in your life. In this webinar, we’ll cover topics including empathy, influence, negotiation skills, difficult conversations, multi-generational teams, conflict resolution, and more. Join us!

Wednesday, June 26
5pm PT/8pm ET